I’ve always identified as an out-of-the-box thinker. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how this quality affected my life as an educator.

My first year teaching was difficult. I felt like I was the only one who had the beliefs I had about education (which I thought was odd because when I was hired, the principal said he liked that I talked about Alfie Kohn in my interview). Those beliefs were very different from anything traditional. I struggled through my first year, thinking maybe I was the problem. Thinking maybe my beliefs and ideas were somehow wrong.

Then I found the PYP, and realized that I do belong. I belong in a modern education system, focused on inquiry, critical thinking, growth, action… My ideas were valued, my beliefs challenged in a supportive environment. I found an international group of educators who shared my passion for education, for nurturing growth, for provoking thinking.

I’ve taught for 4 years, took some time to grow myself away from the classroom, and have landed as Curriculum Coordinator in a small little school that’s working it’s way into a 21st century education model. I’m thrilled to be helping the school grow, and so pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the tight-knit, passionate community of students, teachers, and parents.

I hope to contribute something positive to the community of educators who also are passionate about good learning and growth, hope to provoke the thinking of all, and perhaps have some great discussions. This is a place for me to sort my thoughts, to form my opinions, and to challenge thinking about education. Because, afterall, education is no longer about knowledge and a chalkboard. It’s so much more! Welcome to the Modern Chalkboard!


We are no longer educating for the same purposes as years past. Gone are the days where the teacher holds the knowledge and writes it on the blackboard for students to copy from their desks. No, we are now in a world where we are educating for jobs that don’t yet exist. Where knowledge is at our fingertips, and doesn’t necessarily need to be in our brains. We are educating for the future, not the past. The traditional chalkboard is gone. Welcome to the Modern Chalkboard.